Is now a good time to enter the market?

In this segment, Sakina speaks with Herve Vixamar of AXA Advisors.


3 thoughts on “Is now a good time to enter the market?

  1. This was so cool … I just watched it again. Love the way you break down industry lingo so us regular folks can understand. Simple language about potentially complex topics. Love it! Herve was great … but if you don’t have an advisor, where can you find one? Referrals? The phone book? Can we call you??!! Great job. Keep on teaching us, sis!

  2. Thank you Alicia for your comment. The best place to get an advisor is a referral; be mindful that the referral may be non traditional. For instance, I found my advisor from a magazine story that I wrote for Black Enterprise. If you ever read a story about a person who has managed their wealth well and their advisor is listed in the story as well, call that advisor. Remember, you are on a fact finding mission to find the best advisor for you and you don’t have to commit to the first advisor you meet with.

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