25 Days til Your Good Life Begins

Hallelujah! I just can’t seem to begin this blog with any other words. And no, I’m not the holy roller (had to just ask my mom how to spell both ‘hallelujah’ and ‘holy,’ LOL). However, I am so grateful that God inspired me to create All About You Day! The pieces have just been falling into place so amazingly. Friends have agreed to join me to speak at no charge and now sponsors are coming out of the woodwork to make sure the day is rewarding and impactful for the women who attend.

I’m praising God and shouting ‘yea, yea (*chest bump voice*)’ on the phone to friends because I love sharing the knowledge. Someone asked me last night, “If you are not charging people to attend, why are you having All About You Day?”  I was confused initially, but then I remembered that ‘oh that’s right, people’s expectation is that you are always getting a monetary gain if you are ‘keeping it rich.’ NOT!

To have a truly ‘rich’ life you must give back to your community. I have multiple communities: black people, women of all races, children growing up the way I did in inner cities, the families where I raise my kids now, etc, etc. Every time I give back to any one of those, I feel rich. To women, both black and white, this is your turn to get the gettings!

All About You Day during Mother’s Day weekend is going to be a great time to take some time out for ourselves. I’m looking to have some fun as well as be inspired and uplifted by all of the speakers. This event was born out of an idea I had to share with like-minded women, my knowledge of personal finance and the knowledge I receive from others that make so many of us well-rounded, mentally healthy and fashionable women. And because of the enthusiastic support from the host, Jocelyn Taylor; moderator, Caroline Clarke, and the speakers, Dr. Janet Taylor, Nichelle Pace, Zara Green, and yours truly, Sakina Spruell :), that idea is becoming a reality.

I told the speakers that “my only goal is to get a group of women in a room and give them a wealth of information to empower them to live a ‘rich’ life including mentally, financially and fashionably rich.  I’m envisioning an intimate gathering where we can all share and be inspired by one another to live a ‘rich’ life.” Thankfully, they agreed. Thanks to them, UPTOWN magazine, the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE)— a division of Working Mother Media, and Black Enterprise, we are able to offer this event at no-charge to a limited number of women. This event is not-for-profit. All proceeds (if any realized from additional sponsors) will be re-invested in the event.

Women of Color (can I say that? didn’t mean to pull a census move), this is a great opportunity for us to figure out how to increase our median net worth from $100 as I recently discussed in Growing The Net Worth of Black Women. White women, this is a great time for us to all get rich together :).  This conference is where it will all begin. 25 Days til Your Good Life Begins! All About You Day, May 8, 2010. See you there!

In the meantime, keep it rich,



2 thoughts on “25 Days til Your Good Life Begins

  1. I am thrilled to be a part of this line up! You’re right, Sakina, keeping it rich includes, richly giving.I know the response has been great and I am looking forward to sharing, with all who attend, how to Get a L.E.G. UP in Love! ;-)25 days, and counting…See y’all then!Zara

  2. Wishing you and the panel of speakers an awesome day on May 8, 2010. When you give, you recieve so much MORE! I hope this an annual event. My entire schedule is tight for that weekend however, I know Ms. Spruell’s dedication, dilgence and determination will give the ladies a rich experience. I did share this event information to a few girlfriends. Ladies Enjoy!!Kaye,Brooklyn, NY

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