Prepaid Debit Update- Month 5

It’s July 17 and I have not reloaded the prepaid debit card yet this month because I have been so busy. But I tell you it is evident in my life that I have not. I’m spending money on birthday party gifts for my kids and ordering Dominos like crazy. And I’m not keeping track. We moved this month and so everything is out of whack. Bad time not to have a discretionary budget line, because there is definitely discretionary spending going on. At least when its on prepaid, I feel like its already in the budget. The biggest drawback is that hubs doesn’t have access to any extra cash when I don’t reload it so he can’t even go to Cold Stone and bring me a treat after work. I will put $200 bucks on that card tomorrow. And when its gone, there will be no more birthday party gifts, eating out or 10pm runs to Shop Rite for ice cream 🙂 (like now). Watch. Well, no more ’til August anyways :).

See Middle Class Prepaid Debit Experiment for details as to why I do this. Don’t try this at home if you can’t make ends meet.