AC Fasting Becomes Way of Life

Replacing the storm door with a screen door for the summer has really helped.Air conditioning is a luxury. No one can ever tell me differently at this point. I can’t believe I got through the entire summer to August without using my AC. Of course I don’t understand why it is so unbelievable, especially considering I grew up in Jersey City apartments in the 1970s with absolutely no air conditioning to even chose to turn on or off. But somehow, once you become ‘successful’, and exposed to certain things in life— like AC, you just feel as though you can not live without it.

Well, I’m here to tell you— Yes, you can live without it.  Or at least I can. My first bill of last summer after turning on AC was $874. Apparently there was some problem with the unit and once that was fixed, by the next month the average bill was about $500.  I can’t really figure out what the actual months were after that because I kept a carry over balance all summer because I couldn’t bring myself to write a check for nearly $1,000 to an energy company at one time. My goodness, that is rent or a mortgage payment for many people.

So, this summer I decided to see if I could save that $2000+ I was giving to the electric company. It seems that I did it. It was actually a necessity because funds are very tight this year being that I invested in a new business last year that did not go well and new clients have not been as plentiful as years past. After all, this is a recession, an economic downturn, and all that. So, I needed to cut expenses. I didnt’ expect it to work so well that I now can’t see why I would ever turn the AC back on. Even when the economy turns, and gas prices drop and clients are plentiful again, I can’t see going back to paying $400-$800 per month on air! We shall see. But for now, fasting from the air conditioner is a way of life :).


4 thoughts on “AC Fasting Becomes Way of Life

  1. I, too, have not used my AC this summer – I live in NC. Something is wrong with my unit. I did bite the bullet and purchase a window unit but never opened the box. So I am taking it back to the store for my money back. My electric bill hasn't been over $25.00 since May, even with the use of two fans.

  2. Hi Sakina. That's great that you made it through those scorcher days without it. I am not an AC person, but I should do your experiment with the space heater come winter. 🙂

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