Keeping It Rich in a Recession

T-shirt purchased 2 years ago

About two years ago, @frugalista asked for people to share their recession stories on twitter. I replied with this picture of my then-recently purchased nightshirt that sarcastically reads, ‘What Recession?’ Boy, those were the days…

Today, I know exactly what recession everyone is talking about. My company lost its largest client about 12 months ago, I invested in a print shop that I am now selling because of increased losses and I just all around can’t seem to find the additional cash for the rising cost of food and gas! Hallelujah, I had a strong emergency fund and enough clients on the roster so I could pay the mortgage for 2011. But, what about 2012?

I’m ready to get my 2012 vision board in gear. And no, I don’t want  to fill my vision board with logos of potential clients or URLs for my  next web-show, LOL. This is the time I need to find my center. I need to make sure I’m focusing on what is important and not letting a tight economy drive me to do things that may tear away at my soul. We all know what those things can be. But just in case you are having trouble thinking of them, here are few ‘what not to dos’.

“What Not To Do” Because of a Recession:

5         Stay with a man you don’t like so he can pay the bills

4         Take a job driving a school bus when kids drive you crazy

3         Eat off the $1 menu although you want to lose a few pounds

2         Spend more at the mall or the bar to drown your sorrows

1         Ignore the mail for fear that bill collectors are looking for you

I’m a personal finance journalist who tries her best to practice what she writes. In order for me to stay focused, I live out loud about my finances to keep them on top of mind.  During a recession or economic downturn, we must stay alert and conscious of our financial situation—no matter how bleak. Here is what I suggest we do:

Ways to Keep It Rich During a Recession:

5   Identify Ways to Maximize Your Assets

4   Create Your Vision for Your Future

3   Maintain Yourself- stay fashionable and well-groomed

2   Don’t Stress Out!

1   Stay Around Positive People

By hosting the Keeping It Rich Spa Day, I hope we can come together and de-stress with a relaxing massage, maximize our assets with a clothes swap and a cash-for-gold trade-in, and most importantly, create our vision for 2012.  I hope to see you there on September 24th! Book Here!

Keeping it rich,



One thought on “Keeping It Rich in a Recession

  1. As someone who teaches and preaches about personal finance and primarily financial literacy for over a decade, I appreciate your tips and information to help people with their personal finances. I live and breathe taking personal finance from a practical and realistic approach because I came from poverty and pray that I never return to it. So far, so good. Keep up the great work!

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