Who Is Keeping it Rich?

I’ve been writing a lot for Black Enterprise magazine and Essence magazine in the last few months about people who are doing a great job of keeping it rich. It inspired me to write this entry. Often times wheImage Detailn we think of being rich, we think of people with fur coats, yachts, and diamonds. But I don’t. I believe keeping it rich is a mindset defined by the individual. Rich for me may not be rich for you. I’m good with a house, some grass and a good public school system. That’s rich for me. But I’m fortunate to interview people who keep it rich with much less than me and those who keep it rich with a great deal more than me.

I’ve decided to bring you more of their stories here at www.keepingitrich.com because the magazines and web outlets where i contribute only have but so much space. 🙂 So, i will bring to you all of the people who make the cutting room floor because they  have good stories too. I often write down their tips and go right out and see if it works. On those occasions that their tips work, I will share them here with you! So, please check back often or subscribe to this blog so you can get updates of Who is Keeping It Rich.

To see the latest rich folks I’ve spoken to, pick up the December issue of Black Enterprise with Alicia Keys on the cover and see the Wealth For Life feature, “Financial Fitness Performance Review.” I catch up with three of Black Enterprise’s Financial Fitness Contest winners to see what they did with the $2,000 they won and the great financial advice they received. Some didn’t follow suit, but they still managed to enjoy their rich life.

I was especially impressed with Ebony Smith, 31, who is on target for investing at least $30,000 (nearly 30% of her salary) to reach her $5 million goal by age 55. Pick up the issue to see how she does it. Also check out former NFL player Malcolm Johnson’s way of rebounding from a $150,000 home renovation and 26 year-old Bryan Mitchell’s success in paying down debt and getting a roomate to help him keep it rich.


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