Budget Booklet Kit Now Available Online

Keeping it Rich BookletEvery single month I sit at my desk (or kitchen table, or on the bed, or…) and I pull out my Keeping It Rich mug and my Keeping It Rich budget booklet to pay my bills. My tools are now available to you online. Order yours today!


“Dear Future Rich Person,

The first step to the process of keeping it rich is to define for yourself what it means to be wealthy. This Budget Booklet will help you identify and quantify your current lifestyle so you can begin to plan and define your ideal lifestyle. This is why I’ve placed a line for Major Goals on the top of each page. This way you will be reminded about what you are saving toward each month…

Although you may be intimidated to complete this budget because you fear a negative number at the bottom, I assure you that number will likely get even worse if you don’t take the first step now and access the situation. Besides, the pages don’t bite and no one else besides you will know the outcome of your math other than you.”

Order Your Keeping It Rich Budget Booklet Kit Now!


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