AC Fasting Becomes Way of Life

Replacing the storm door with a screen door for the summer has really helped.Air conditioning is a luxury. No one can ever tell me differently at this point. I can’t believe I got through the entire summer to August without using my AC. Of course I don’t understand why it is so unbelievable, especially considering I grew up in Jersey City apartments in the 1970s with absolutely no air conditioning to even chose to turn on or off. But somehow, once you become ‘successful’, and exposed to certain things in life— like AC, you just feel as though you can not live without it.

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AAYOU Welcomes Essence Relationship Editor

I’m so excited to announce the addition of Demetria L. Lucas to the All About You Day speakers’ roster. Being newly single again, I’m so looking forward to the words of wisdom from Demetria to help me maintain a strong mind while I await my Mr. Right. But whether you are single or married, this relationship expert can help you enjoy the experience. Come prepared to ask her your questions that she couldn’t get to answer in Essence.

A life and relationship coach, Lucas is also the Relationships Editor at Essence magazine where she pens a monthly dating advice column, Dating Guide, and selects sexy, eligible bachelors for “Single Man of the Month” and the annual “Do Right Men” issue.

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Keeping It Rich Goes to

Series Hosted By Award-Winning Finance Journalist Offers Candid Conversations About Money To Help Viewers Define And Live Their ‘Rich’ Lifestyle

 NEW YORK—November 4, 2010—Seeking to decrease the wealth gap between people of color and mainstream America, KEEPING IT RICH WITH SAKINA will premiere on on Wednesday, November 17 at 3:00 p.m. ET. The loosely based “financial reality” talk show features award-winning personal finance journalist and entrepreneur Sakina Spruell Cole talking candidly with her personal financial advisors, colleagues and friends offering advice, information and tips on living the ‘rich’ life. The four part web series will air four consecutive weeks beginning November 17th.

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Prepaid Debit Update- Month 5

It’s July 17 and I have not reloaded the prepaid debit card yet this month because I have been so busy. But I tell you it is evident in my life that I have not. I’m spending money on birthday party gifts for my kids and ordering Dominos like crazy. And I’m not keeping track. We moved this month and so everything is out of whack. Bad time not to have a discretionary budget line, because there is definitely discretionary spending going on. At least when its on prepaid, I feel like its already in the budget. The biggest drawback is that hubs doesn’t have access to any extra cash when I don’t reload it so he can’t even go to Cold Stone and bring me a treat after work. I will put $200 bucks on that card tomorrow. And when its gone, there will be no more birthday party gifts, eating out or 10pm runs to Shop Rite for ice cream 🙂 (like now). Watch. Well, no more ’til August anyways :).

See Middle Class Prepaid Debit Experiment for details as to why I do this. Don’t try this at home if you can’t make ends meet.

It’s About More Than Money: It’s About YOU

You are the most important person in your life! This is what I want to scream to every woman in my path that gives me that you-know-I-can’t-take-a-day-for-myself look. Women, we have to take care of our money, our minds and our bodies. Like they say on the airplane, ‘make sure your mask is securely placed before helping others.’

I take this advice all the way to the bank, literally. My accounts are in my own name; my house is in my own name; my cars are in my own name. I need to be financially secure, with or without hubby or the kids. As you can imagine, managing my income and all these accounts can be challenging. Keeping funds separately from my husband can be emotionally draining. The good book says two equals one but my math doesn’t equate that way. This has caused me to do a lot of soul searching. Sometimes, all that soul-searching doesn’t leave enough time for wardrobe-searching. In times like these, I realize that I need more than just money to complete me. Hence, I realized that Keeping It Rich, involves a few more elements.

That’s why I call on the help of Dr. Janet Taylor for mental sanity, Fashionista Nichelle Pace for fashion sense and relationship expert Zara Green for emotional guidance. Keeping It Rich for me defines “rich” as a lifestyle set by me that encompasses wealth, health and appearance.

As Janet Taylor said recently in a Today Show episode about Mom Hair, “Moms are busy but we also are women and we want to look good.” Ain’t that the truth! I held an extra 30 pounds after the pregnancy of each child and I wore a baseball cap and a sweat suit for one year AFTER my kids’ births.

I made sure I saved enough money for a down payment on a home big enough for them and I made sure I started to fund their college education (minimally, but it was a start). But I didn’t do a thing about my looks so I felt badly and I looked badly. “How dreadful!” as Dwight from Real Housewives of Atlanta would say.

Four years ago, when my daughter turned two, I decided to truly live a ‘rich’ life. I got some therapy to help me with my stresses, got a fashionista to do my wardrobe shopping and I shed the 30 pounds of baby fat.

I don’t share this story for me, but I hope I share it for someone who is struggling to find themselves. Do you know YOU? Do you spend enough time on YOU?

I invite YOU to join me at All About You Day, Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday, May 8th, 2010 at the Schomburg Center in New York.  Please use this password for complimentary registration: AAYOU

Hope to see YOU soon!

Keeping it rich,